Cone beam CT .

The Centre is equipped with a cone beam CT scan with a maximum resolution of 0.2 mm. The radiologic exams can be obtained without any medical consultation and are available to all referring physicians and dentists. It is suitable for following anatomical regions:

  • facial skeleton
  • dental scan
  • maxillary sinuses
  • all other sinuses like for instance ethmoid sinuses
  • middle and inner ear

Upon request, a medical appointment can be arranged just after the radiological exam.

The Centre also has the possibility to perform standard panoramic radiographs (OPG / OPT).

The cone-beam CT is not suitable for soft tissue diagnosis. For such problems, please obtain an alternative imaging procedure and appointment at the radiology department of the Hôpital de la Tour.

Endoscopy .

The upper airway and digestive tract can be visualized with rigid and flexible endoscopes. We use rigid endoscopes (Karl Storz, Wolf) connected to a Wolf HD Endocam and flexibles endoscopes with HD resolution and chip-on-the-tip technology from Atmos and Wolf. The images and video are stored on a local computer and can be seen live by the patient and relatives.

Pharyngeal ph .

Heartburn and “throat” burning sensation seem very frequent and large number of individuals receive anti-reflux medication which is most often given empirically. However, symptoms, clinical signs, and results of questionnaires are poorly correlated with objective ph measurements. In addition, acidity and other low esophagus conditions are not related to laryngo-pharyngeal ph and complaints.

A small (2mm) and soft probe is placed trough the nose and located behind the tonsils allowing the continuous measurement of the local acidity (ph). This allows us to base reflux treatment on objective measurements.

Audiology .

The Centre is equipped with a sound-proof booth following the Swiss federal standards (METAS) and allowing hearing tests, otoacoustic emissions, middle ear transfer function, and stapedial reflex to be assessed. This setting permits basic investigation of hearing problems and other otologic conditions.

For central hearing evaluation or for hearing aid fitting, you should seek evaluation by other, better equipped, ENT specialists.

Polygraphy .

A screening device for snoring and sleep apnea is available. The polygraphy is a simplified system with few cables allowing the recording of sleep disturbances in your home, bed, and usual surroundings. The recordings obtained help choosing the initial treatment approach, being a mandibular advancement prosthesis, an ENT surgery, or continuous positive pressure ventilation.

Despite numerous advancements, polygraphy does not replace the “gold standard” for sleep apnea evaluation, which remains the polysonmography in a dedicated laboratory.

Dental lab .

The center is equipped with a dental lab which permits to modify or repair your dental appliances such as Michigan splints for bruxism or mandibular advancement device for sleep apnea.

La Tour Hospital
& Operating Theater .

The La Tour Medical Group is a private hospital with renowned specialists that could treat most medical and surgical conditions. The Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room, open around the clock, allow the treatment of even the most complex conditions of the Head & Neck and Maxillo-Facial realm.

Surgeries are usually performed in the Operating theater of the Hospital. Modern facilities include Da Vinci robot, navigation, operating microscopes, several lasers (CO2 and Thulium), microvascular tools, as well as all the instruments for routine ENT, Maxillo-facial, and Head & Neck surgeries.

Excellent cooperation with experimented anesthesia staff and specialists from other medical and surgical fields allows for an optimal patient management.