Your surgery .

Download preoperative desinfection procedure

Date of surgery

Usually the date of your operation is fixed during the consultation. If not possible, you or the Center office should confirm the date by phone in the ensuing days.

Time of admission

You must be hospitalized at the La Tour Hospital at least 2 hours before the surgery. The approximate time of the operation will be communicated with the date of surgery, but it is not rare to have the exact time changed for various reasons. The anesthesiologist will confirm the exact time during a phone interview on the day before the surgery.

Informed consent

Your surgeon explained the modalities and risks of the procedure and recorded these in a consent form that you must sign and return by post.

Medical problems

A letter summarizing your medical and surgical problems is sent to the anesthesiologist, your attending physician, and yourself. Your allergies, medications, as well as your medical and surgical history should be included in this letter. Please contact the Center office if you notice any significant errors or omissions.

Admission form

You will receive a written form from La Tour Hospital – please fill and return the admissions’ questionnaire.


In general, the anesthesiologist will contact you by phone the day before surgery and provide you the time from which you should abstain from drinking and eating, as well as the time at which you must attend the hospital. Do not hesitate to ask all the questions about the modalities of anesthesia during this interview.

Skin and mucosa prep

To reduce the risk of post-operative infections, it is important to disinfect your skin and the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. This must be done the day before the intervention and 2 hours before the surgical procedure. The products used (Prontoderm® Shower and Nasal gel and ProntOral®) were either given to you by hand or a prescription for their purchase in a pharmacy was issued to you. You can find the procedure for disinfection here.